About AscendPsychology CogniPsyTech Pvt Ltd

Incorporated in 2019, AscendPsychology has a rich past experience in the field of applied psychology through it's previous enterprise under the same name and leadership.

We deliver cutting edge programs that are delivered through in-person and technology-based models. These programs are formulated on evidence-based theories of cognitive and behavioral sciences.


We are a fully gender inclusive, equal opportunity organization and follow a fair-workplace policy


Clinical Psychologist, Libertarian, Apolitical, Pragmatic,  Unconditional, Equal Rights & Humanitarian Advocate.


Founder & MD AscendPsychology  CogniPsyTech Pvt Ltd & Shaheed Major Rajesh Nair Foundation.


Has over 18 years of experience as a CEO and proprietor of one the most pioneering organizations that delivered advanced psychology-based programs. 

She has designed, directed and implemented over 150 high impact programs, while having helped over 20,000 individuals to lead flourishing lives through in-person and group programs.


Clinical Psychologist, Truth Advocate, Libertarian, Analytical, Pragmatic, Equal Rights & Humanitarian Advocate.


VP Programs  AscendPsychology  CogniPsyTech Pvt Ltd. 


In her role as a Programs leader, she leads projects that deliver cutting-edge digital solutions in the area of applications of Psychology. Her intense analytical ability and her well-developed competency of design & implementation enables her to spearhead the organization’s digital delivery strategy.

Our Team

Psychologists, Technologists, Accountants, Administrators and Human Resource Experts

Our team comprises of 


Qualified psychologists specialized in clinical, career, counseling & industrial psychology

Computer engineers specialized in App & game development 

Support units specialized in accounts, HR & administrative functions

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