About Supriya Nair

She has over 18 years of experience as a CEO and proprietor of one the most pioneering organizations that delivered advanced psychology-based programs. 

She has designed, directed and implemented over 150 high impact programs, while having helped over 20,000 individuals to lead flourishing lives through in-person and group programs.


 Professional Experience & Recognition 

In her experience as CEO she has strategized and led intense business development actions that resulted in high EBITDA margins. Her financial management skills ensured high sales revenues and high bottom lines through all the product deliveries. Excellence in her leadership benefited at all levels of organizational growth evidenced by high employee retention, and sustained morale in delivering high impact programs. She is a renowned psychologist having high standard of proven delivery and excellence in converting psychological principles into action.


Prestigious Associations and Awards


Supriya has chaired, executed and validated a number of prestigious projects with extremely illuminated bodies like the United Nations, UNESCO and WHO.


She is an active member of the Global Clinical Practice Network, (GCPN) of the WHO, for validation of ICD-11, Mental and Behavioral Disorders, having so far contributed in 20 disorders.


She was a chairperson and a speaker for the International Conference on Value education held by UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Social and Cultural Organization). She was on the panel of an initiative developed by the United Nations for mental health in rural areas.

She has been a Speaker for the prestigious TEDx conference (Churchgate 2.0), a global event, in October 2012.

In association with University College London (UCL) Consultants she has planned and implemented leadership development for a Mid-Career Training Program for the Indian Police Training Officers (Level Inspector General and above).

She has assisted in reviewing several proposals for American Psychological Association 2016 convention for Division 15 (Department of Education Psychology) & Division 16 (Department of School Psychology).

She was awarded the Woman Achiever Award for 2019, by the Tee foundation for her exemplary work in the field of service


Philanthropic Initiative


Supriya has also founded Shaheed Major Rajesh Nair Foundation, a not-for-profit organization. She leads the first initiative called the SPARinitiative that assumes leadership in tackling the pressing national concern of premature mortality attributed to suicide. The suicide prevention initiative is multi-dimensional where multiple different actions are carried out simultaneously to maximize outcomes. The foundation uses evidence-based strategies, for all their actions that are integrated into the mission so that they are highly useful while applying them. They are applied through a community-wide, multi-sectoral, proactive, preventive and rehabilitative model designed to reduce suicide rates drastically.