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Helping you navigate occupational decisions through standardized assessments.

Assess your occupational potential for better career-fit

Make informed decisions about 100s of specializations

Know how your passion can guide your career choice

Know how your profile aligns to the changing occupational trends

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Career Assessments

Comprehensive Career Assessment Program

Highly Standardized Assessments that Truly Guide!

When you take the CCAP with us, you can be assured of highly reliable & valid tests and results that help us offer you sound guidance. Our processes are seamless and deeply customer-focused.

Advanced Analysis

The Comprehensive Career Assessment Program (CCAP) employs internationally standardized tools to evaluate Aptitude, Interest, and Work Orientation, then compares your scores with global norms.


These scores are combined within a Comprehensive Career Analytical System (CCAS) and cross-referenced with statistically validated global occupations (over 1600). This process generates personalized and 'best-fit' career options, resulting in a distinctive comprehensive profile for students.

Collaborative Decisions

We create a fully personalized e-profile, considering factors like educational readiness, expressed interests, and long-term goals when offering career suggestions.

This comprehensive profile will be reviewed with you by our specialized professional (psychologist) during a counseling session. During this session, various career options are explored to provide a deep understanding of your chosen career path.

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