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Unlocking Minds, 
Transforming Lives!

Assisting your school in identifying and nurturing gifted students.

Discovering and nurturing gifted talents in your students.

Creating nurturing environments to foster gifted potential.

Crafting specialized educational labs for the gifted.

Ensuring your school is in sync with established gifted education programs.

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Gifted Program
For Schools

A gifted program in school benefits students by meeting their unique needs, promoting excellence, and enhancing the school's reputation while ensuring teacher development.

Why a Gifted program

Evaluating for Gifted Abilities

Assessing students for giftedness involves a comprehensive process that includes screening, in-depth evaluations, input from parents and teachers, portfolio reviews, and the use of multiple criteria. This holistic approach ensures the identification of exceptional abilities while considering cultural sensitivity and ethical considerations.

Nurturing the Gifted

After identifying gifted students, we set up learning labs, design teacher enrichment programs, and create tailored Individualized Learning Plans (ILPs). These ILPs guide enrichment activities and accelerated learning, supported by specialized teacher training. Peer support and counseling address social and emotional challenges.

How can we help you set up your program for the gifted?
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