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Democratizing Mental health through community-based initiatives


The Pebbles - MH4All program is a community-based initiative. Community leaders are trained to connect, detect, support & refer those in need.

Due to the abysmal number of mental health professionals, help is inaccessible & costly for most.

We work closely with communities to develop their non-specialized mental health intervention skills thereby improving intervention accessibility & reducing cost.

Reach out to us & we will help you keep your communities healthy & happy



We have helped, guided & supported over 800 communities & served over 300,000 individuals to reach their mental health goals.


Through our community out-reach programs, we help you create a mental health eco-system that is led by you, & supported by us.

Our MH4All program uses a simple & efficient method. Once we onboard your community & register your members, we work closely with you to manage your community's mental health.

We regularly screen your community's health status, train your leaders & support you for reaching your goals through our personalized community camps.

Invite us for helping you keep your communities suicide-safe, mentally healthy & happy


Our Other Products and Services

We administer highly scientific and evidence-based career assessments that includes Aptitude, Interests (Basic and Advanced) and Work Value. Counseling consists of helping you find your occupational best-fit.
You and your therapist form a synergistic alliance, through which you are helped to navigate your mental health concerns. Our therapists follow the Cognitive Behavior Therapy models for assisting you through your life challenges.
The Pebbles App supports the psychotherapy interventions by helping you apply techniques of CBT through evidence-based self help methods. Now you can continue to get better through journaling and CBT goals

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