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Democratizing Mental health through community-based initiatives


The Pebbles - MH4All program is a community-based initiative. Community leaders are trained to connect, detect, support & refer those in need.

Due to the abysmal number of mental health professionals, help is inaccessible & costly for most.

We work closely with communities to develop their non-specialized mental health intervention skills thereby improving intervention accessibility & reducing cost.

Reach out to us & we will help you keep your communities healthy & happy



We have helped, guided & supported over 800 communities & served over 300,000 individuals to reach their mental health goals.


Through our community out-reach programs, we help you create a mental health eco-system that is led by you, & supported by us.

Our MH4All program uses a simple & efficient method. Once we onboard your community & register your members, we work closely with you to manage your community's mental health.

We regularly screen your community's health status, train your leaders & support you for reaching your goals through our personalized community camps.

Invite us for helping you keep your communities suicide-safe, mentally healthy & happy


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