Mental Health Screening

Alerts you to mental health dips and stress reactions so that you can take timely interventions.

Assess stress levels and its impact on your mental well-being

Find out if you have recently experienced debilitating anxiety

Know if your mood levels are in the healthy range

Know if your symptoms require further diagnosis.

A pre-diagnostic test can alert you to any mental health dip or help you identify your stress levels. Take a screening and we will send you a brief report in your inbox. You will then know if Pebbles is right for you.

Mental Health Screening

Early detection of debilitating stress, anxiety, mood dis-regulation and other mental health conditions promotes timely intervention. Timely and appropriate intervention reduces the intensity and duration of the distress. 

Our mental health screening is a free pre-diagnostic tool that alerts you to seek timely help. When you submit the form, we analyse your responses and email you a brief report that helps you take timely action.

Your data is confidential and managed with highest privacy standards.

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