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Unlocking Minds, 
Transforming Lives!

Helping you live a content and flourishing life.

Manage distressing emotions and learn better coping skills.

Master techniques to overcome barriers to a happy life

Learn how to prevent emotional disturbances

Get support for managing mental illness

As you decide if therapy is best suited for you, you could take a pre-diagnostic assessment to know more about your mental health status or your stress levels . Take a screening and we will send you a brief report in your inbox.

Collaborative Psychotherapy

Alleviate distress with our evidence-based therapy. 

Therapy is your safe and confidential space to explore your concerns, your strengths and your limitations without being judged.

A therapist will help you through your crisis at your own pace and by empowering you to resolve your difficulties.


Therapy will help you...

  • get clarity on the causes of your distress

  • strengthen your problem solving resources

  • identify your core beliefs that fuel dysfunction

  • reduce distress by developing effective and personalized palliative methods

  • develop resilience to reduce future distress

  • improve your mental health

About Therapy

You and your therapist form a synergistic alliance, through which you are helped to navigate your concerns. Our therapists follow the Cognitive Behavior Therapy models for assisting you through your life challenges. Some of the concerns that clients bring to therapy are :-

  • Anxiety and Worry

  • Sadness and depression

  • Anger and irritability

  • Thoughts of self-Harm and suicide

  • Crisis resolution

  • Relationship concerns

  • Stress and coping

  • Dealing with loss and grief

  • Managing change in life

  • Sexual dysfunction

  • Inability to concentrate / loss of focus

  • Other psychological concerns


Mental Health Screening

Early detection of debilitating stress, anxiety, mood dis-regulation and other mental health conditions promotes timely intervention. Timely and appropriate intervention reduces the intensity and duration of the distress. 

Our mental health screening is a free pre-diagnostic tool that alerts you to seek timely help. When you submit the form, we analyse your responses and email you a brief report that helps you take timely action.

Your data is confidential and managed with highest privacy standards.

Mental Health Screening

Alerts you to mental health dips and stress reactions so that you can take timely interventions.

Assess stress levels and its impact on your mental well-being

Find out if you have recently experienced debilitating anxiety

Know if your mood levels are in the healthy range

Know if your symptoms require further diagnosis.

A pre-diagnostic test can alert you to any mental health dip or help you identify your stress levels. Take a screening and we will send you a brief report in your inbox. You will then know if Pebbles is right for you.

How can we help you with your therapy needs?
Tell us a little more about how we can serve you.

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