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Supriya Nair

Founder and CEO at AscendPsychology and Shaheed Major Rajesh Nair Foundation, TEDx speaker, GCPN - WHO, Mental health professional.

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Supriya Nair

Supriya Nair is a clinical psychologist with extensive experience in educational, career, organizational, clinical, assessment, counseling, sports and performance psychology. She has worked with rural mental health projects through United Nations initiatives, and has been a key speaker and chair on a conference on Value Education held by the UNESCO. She is a part of the Global Clinical Practice Network of the World Health Organization.  She has been an assessor for a number of pre convention papers for the APA's annual convention at Denver, Colorado. She is also a motivational speaker, believing in fundamental cognitive and behavioral change as the answer to many of our persistent personal problems. She regularly features at forums, on shows and in news articles as a prominent psychologist in India.

Passionate about human empowerment, she has been a change agent in her efforts to reach out to people and encourage them to take full responsibility of their lives and mental health. Her practice has touched and transformed a vast range of workforce, educational and clinical concerns across India. She has successfully affected over 3,00,000 people through her organizations work force development projects, educational initiative, clinical and counseling practice, assessments and many more platforms of psychology. AscendPsychology has serviced over 160 businesses and schools under her leadership, some noteworthy names being, Infosys, Tata Consulting Engineers, Mahindra Finance, The Dow Chemicals, Reliance communications, British School, Madhavi Desai Consulting, Microscan Infocommtech,  National Police Academy in association with the University College of London and many more.

She is a proactive LGBTQA+ Ally and has to her credit numerous probono interventions that she continues to offer to the community.

She is also the Founder and CMD of Shaheed Major Rajesh Nair Foundation whose aim is to continue substantially to the health of the nation. She heads the SPARinitiative, (Suicide Prevention Awareness and Research) and has been instrumental in training over 1500 gatekeepers and through the gatekeeper network has saved 1000s of lives that were at a risk of being lost to suicide.


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