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Create powerful personal scripts to accomplish the life of your dreams.

Face the VUCA world with grit and resilience.

Navigate big and small challenges with calm and fortitude

Improve your overall psychological health

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Better Thinking Habit

CBT Based Journaling & Goal setting App for improving Mental Resilience

Formulate life enhancing plans to deal with challenges

Pebbles is a preventive, supportive, corrective, and developmental system that helps you use your psychological resources optimally.

The app helps you develop sound thinking for facing your challenges, taking reasonable risks, and venturing into new areas of your life with confidence.
When you start taking apart, examining, and dealing with your present crises, it teaches you to approach future challenges with ease. And once you make that a habit, you'll be ready for anything!

Pebbles App Features

In the first phase, the Pebbles App offers two evidence-based techniques that help you face your present life challenges through step-by-step guidance.

Restructure your thinking

Restructure your thinking

Educates you on how to reduce maladaptive thinking by helping you restructure your self-talk.

Grow through Multiple Crises Support

Multiple Crises Support

The app helps you develop your resilience and grit while helping you deal with multiple kinds of crises.

Set goals for powerful habits

Goals for powerful habits

Each guided step supports goal-setting so that you create winning habits as you work through your crises.

Get personalized suggestions

Personalized suggestions 

The app is designed to navigate multiple paths that are customized to suit your crisis or challenge. 

Conversational style for better engagement

Conversational style for better engagement

The app's guidance system is built as a conversation to improve your engagement while you create plans to solve your problem at hand. The two-column techniques help you examine your self-talk and replace irrational beliefs with rational alternatives.

Healthier thoughts

Emotional health

Behavioral Autonomy

Built on Cognitive Behavioral Theories

Cognitive Behavior Theories (CBT) rest on the premise that our thinking directly affects our emotions & behaviors. 
By changing our destructive thinking patterns, we can alter our emotions and influence our actions. 
Through techniques of CBT, these thoughts are identified, challenged, and replaced with more objective, realistic and rational ones. 

CBT Journaling
CBT Journal

Pebbles Subscription

Pebbles is a subscription-based app. Users need to pay a fee to subscribe to the app that unlocks access to all features and content within the app. 

You can access all the app features and the plans you create as long as your paid subscription is active.

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Get Ready to Optimize Your Life With the Pebbles System

Digital services for better mental health
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