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Hey There

Welcome to AscendPsychology

We apply the science of psychology to a number of settings.

We help you manage mental health conditions, plan your career path, keep your organizations, schools & communities mentally fit, help you alleviate mental stress, & help you develop your cognitive, emotional & behavioral skills.


Very soon all our mental health initiatives will be AI-driven. 

You can then reap the benefits of advanced, AI-supported diagnosis & intervention.


Pebbles - MH4All

Mental health for All (MH4All) is an intense & advanced community-based program. Under this initiative we train & support your communities to stay mentally fit, suicide-safe, & stress-resilient. Having created over 800 healthy communities, we are confident to soon make our country mentally fit.


Better Thinking Habit

The Pebbles App supports our therapy & self-help initiatives by helping you apply two critical CBT techniques. You can now train yourself to think better & feel better.



Our collaborative psychotherapy helps you alleviate your mental health & stress conditions through a one-on-one session with a qualified & experienced psychologist.

Through the journey of AscendPsychology the founder & her team have helped over 300,000 individuals live a healthier & happier life.

Career Assessment & Guidance

The modern occupational landscape is huge & complex. We help you navigate this complex maze of multiple & layered occupational specializations with the help of advanced, standardized & comprehensive assessments that you can take from the comfort of your homes.

You can now know which of the 1600+ occupations are best suited for you.

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