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Welcome to AscendPsychology

AscendPsychology is a forward-thinking company that leverages the principles of psychology to create more effective educational institutions, productive workplaces, and overall healthier individuals. Through a range of tailored programs, AscendPsychology focuses on enhancing social, cognitive, emotional, occupational, and behavioral efficiency in communities and individuals. Our approach is rooted in scientifically validated assessments and interventions, with a proven track record of positively transforming lives.


Career Assessment & Guidance

The contemporary job market is vast and intricate. We assist you in navigating this complex network of diverse occupational fields through advanced, standardized, and comprehensive assessments that you can complete from the comfort of your home. 

Discover the most suitable career among 1600+ options.


Nurturing the Gifted

Welcome to inPsyt,  your partner in crafting and enhancing gifted programs for schools. Our extensive experience, spanning assessments of over 25,000 students and support for 250+ schools, uniquely positions us to provide comprehensive assistance in setting up gifted programs, including lab creation, student assessments, and gifted curriculum development.


Better Thinking Habit

The Pebbles App supports our therapy & self-help initiatives by helping you apply two critical CBT techniques. You can now train yourself to think better & feel better.



Our collaborative psychotherapy helps you alleviate your mental health & stress conditions through a one-on-one session with a qualified & experienced psychologist.

Through the journey of AscendPsychology the founder & her team have helped over 300,000 individuals live a healthier & happier life.

Pebbles - MH4All

Mental health for All (MH4All) is an intense & advanced community-based program. Under this initiative we train & support your communities to stay mentally fit, suicide-safe, & stress-resilient. Having created over 800 healthy communities, we are confident to soon make our country mentally fit.

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